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Blazin ahead

Blazin' Ahead!

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Updated November 2017

Welcome to Blazin' Ahead! A page devoted entirely to GSNEO camp and property updates. Check back often to see what GSNEO is doing to make your camping experience the memory of a lifetime.

Camp Ledgewood

Prairie Point, the Conestoga Wagon site at Camp Ledgewood are now finished and in use!  The Unit House & Troop Cabins are being constructed.  Watch below to see all the progress being made!  

Camp Sugarbush

At Camp Sugarbush, Greentrees is sparkling and shining after a good powerwashing and staining.  A new maintenance road is ready for traffic to the Low Ropes!

Camp Ledgewood - New Unit and Troop Houses Construction



Camp Ledgewood -
New unit and troop houses bathroom in progress.


Camp Ledgewood -
Windows and walls for new cabins.


Camp Ledgewood -
Sidings complete on cabins.


Camp Ledgewood -
Mulch around cabins.


Camp Ledgewood -
Windows, soffits, and roof finished on new cabins.


Camp Ledgewood -
Top and walls almost finished on new unit house.


Camp Ledgewood -
New cabin painted pacific blue.

Camp Sugarbush - Maintenance


  • IMG_0184

    Camp Sugarbush -
    New maintenance road, walk path to low ropes finished.

  • IMG_0186

    Camp Sugarbush -
    New maintenance road, walk path to low ropes finished.

  • IMG_0158

    Camp Sugarbush -
    Greentrees Adirondack Units powerwashed and resealed.

Camp Timberlane - Maintenance

  • IMG_0632

    Camp Timberlane -
    Trees being relocated to provide shade and beauty to Nar Yurt.

  • IMG_0633

    Camp Timberlane -
    More trees being placed on camp.

  • IMG_0636

    Camp Timberlane -
    More trees being placed in different areas.

Postcards from Camp

Camping is an integral part of the Girl Scout experience and I want our camps to be the best place for every girl to have that experience! Girls practice independence when they spend a night away from home. They will build courage when tackling something new,  like boating or zip lining. They  will build confidence when they succeed in a new environment supported by friends and adult role models. They will build character in an environment that insists on teamwork for success. Whether you come out to camp for a day, or stay a week, you will leave with lasting memories. Don’t forget GSUSA has released six new outdoor badges, earning some of these new badges is a great way to structure your camp visit.

>>View Outdoor Badges and Requirements

I am constantly looking at new ways to make improvements efficiently, making best use of our limited funds. We all want new facilities , but we also have to spend money taking care of what we have, so on these pages you will see a mix of new construction and maintenance. I always want to hear from you, please let me know what you love and what you would like to see improved, it really helps us make the camps better for you. Send your ideas to

Yours in Girl Scouts

Jane Christyson
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Camping by the Numbers

The Master Plan Fund was established by the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Board to fund the Start-Up Phase of the Vision 2012 Master Plan. The Master Plan provides for the renovation of Camps Timberlane, Sugarbush, and Ledgewood.

As of September 30, 2016, about $10.7 million had been raised for the Master Plan construction, which includes about $9.6 million from the sale of former camp properties, about $500,000 from contributions, and about $600,000 from investment returns generated by the Master Plan fund.

A portion of the Master Plan has been completed, particularly at Camps Sugarbush and Timberlane. At the end of the last fiscal year, September 30, 2016, there was approximately $5.4 million remaining to complete the Start-Up phase projects at Camp Ledgewood.

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