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Local Girl Scouts help children affected by hurricane damage

NewsRoom Sept2017 Local Girl Scouts help children affected by hurricane damage

Macedonia, OH - When Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston, Texas area and left many with questions about how they would rebuild, more than 1,200 miles away in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Troop Leader Amy Eldridge and members of Troops 50206 and 50903 knew just what to do.

Give back.

That’s exactly what her troops did, taking to social media and finding how they could help. “I came across a teacher organization that was looking for other schools/classrooms to sponsor Houston-area classrooms that were affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Eldridge. “I talked it over with the girls and we thought this would be a great opportunity [and] we were later assigned third grade teacher Sandra Riojas at West Oso Elementary in Corpus, Christie, TX.”

That’s when the magic started.  

With little time to spare, troop members sprang into action by arranging a special Ice Cream social at the Dairy Queen in North Ridgeville for the troops with a goal of collecting 20 items per Girl Scout. To get the word out on such short notice, the girls got creative. “Everyone did their own promotions, some moms posted on social media, some Girl Scouts called family members and others knocked on doors in their neighbors,” said Eldridge. “We only had a week to gather supplies, as I knew the supplies were needed as soon as possible.”

What followed was a gracious offering and support not only from the troops themselves, but the surrounding area. “While the ice cream social was for our troops, every Girl Scout participated in the collection and well exceeded the 20 items per Girl Scout!” said Eldridge. “We also received a few Target gift cards, book bags and gifts especially for the teacher.” In all, the troops organized and packed enough supplies for every student in Riojas’ third grade class.

While learning valuable skills is a key component of being a Girl Scout, Eldridge believes that each girl learned an important lesson about giving back. “My thoughts are to teach Girl Scouts, our future leaders, about making the world a better place, and with these efforts, we certainly did!”  

Along the way, the Girl Scouts kept remarking that they couldn’t imagine not having supplies for school, and by their graciousness, they ensured that wouldn’t be the case at West Oso Elementary. “I really wish I could see the teacher’s expression when she saw our huge delivery of supply packages in many boxes and shipped on a pallet,” said Eldridge. “I am so proud of the girls and will keep encouraging them to take action when a need is discovered.”